manip_bernsBeginning Elevation 1000′

Difficulty: Easy

2.0 Miles

Beginning elevation 1500′

Elevation gain 200′

Hiking time: About 45 minutes to an hour.

If you are ready to experience some of the most beautiful hiking the Palm Springs area has to offer, grab your CamelBak, other Hydration Pack or Hydroflask and get out on the trail!

The Berns Trail acts as a connector between the Garstin, Araby, Shannon and Eagle Canyon. The Berns trail starts at the top of the Garstin Trail and winds northeasterly over the top of Smoketree Mountain until it intersects the Araby Trail. Of course, if you start hiking at the beginning of the Araby Trail, then you can use the Berns Trail to connect with the Garstin. I liked the solitude of the Berns trail as you descended into the canyon that separates the top of the Garstin and the top of the Araby trail. I was rewarded with views of desert wildlife, and some very interesting rock formations.

Construction of the Berns Trail was sponsored by friends of Charlie Berns, and opened in 1972.

To get to the Berns trail, use the directions for either the Araby Trail, or the Garstin Trail depending on which direction you wish to hike.