The Maynard Mine trail is a rugged uphill climb that leads to the remains of an old tungsten mine that was worked during W.W.II by Jim Maynard.  To get to this trail go to the Agua Caliente Indian Canyons, and after paying your fee (well worth it…), take the road that leads to Andreas Canyon.  After parking, cross the bridge to the left and follow the signs to the Maynard Mine Trail. You will have to look but there are signs pointing the way to the Maynard Mine trailhead.

If you are ready to experience some of the most beautiful hiking the Palm Springs area has to offer, grab your CamelBak, other Hydration Pack or Hydroflask and get out on the trail!

From the beginning, this trail climbs up the mountain without stopping. At times the trail is a little hard to follow, but you should be able to keep on it if you are careful. After about three miles of uphill climbing you will reach a ridge that overlooks the canyon to the right. At that point you will have gained about 2,200 feet in elevation. To continue on, descend about ¾ of a mile into the canyon, where you will find what remains of the mine.  There is an old gasoline powered engine and about an 8- 10 foot hole.

When ready, return by the same trail. By the time you reach your car you will be tired, but you will have been treated to many wonderful views of the canyons, the Coachella Valley, and the mountain peaks beyond.