The South Lykken Trail

Palm Springs from the South Lykken. All Photos by:	Gary R. Burzell3.5 Miles

Moderate Difficulty

Beginning Elevation is 560' with an elevation gain of 900'

Directions: The north end of this trail starts at the end of Mesquite Road. You will have to park down by Palm Canyon and walk to the trailhead. There is a Tahquitz Canyon visitors at the end of the road, but you cannot park there if you are hiking the South Lykken Trail. As you walk up Mesquite you will pass a mobile home park on the left, and a big house on the right. Continue up the road, and the trailhead is right where the road turns right toward the Visitors Center.

If you are ready to experience some of the most beautiful hiking the Palm Springs area has to offer, grab your CamelBak, other Hydration Pack or Hydroflask and get out on the trail!

Photo gallery of the South Lykken Trail

The south end of this trail is accessed by going up South Palm Canyon Drive about 1 1/2 miles south of Highway 111. You know you are there when you pass the last of the condos and houses on the right just before the open fields.

Park along the curb and proceed up the right-hand side of the dyke to the trailhead (there is a sign pointing the direction.

This is one of my favorite trails. It was the first trail I hiked in Palm Springs. There are picnic tables at both north and south end of this trail (although the tables at the north end have been vandalized several times so be prepared for no tables...). We usually start and the north end of this trail and climb up to the picnic tables at the top of the trail. This is a moderate hike, and will take you about 40-45 minutes at a medium pace. From there, you can turn around and go back, or continue on to the south end of the trail (If you do this, leave a shuttle car at the south end of the trail). If you choose to do this the trail is mostly downhill from the picnic tables if you are going from the north end to the south end, and the hike will take about two hours. Sometimes to make the hike a little more difficult we will start at the south end and hike to the north end.

When you hike the north end of this trail, you will be rewarded with fantastic views of Palm Springs, the Coachella Valley, and down into Tahquitz Canyon. If you have never hiked in the Palm Springs area, do this one first. You will not be sorry you did.

South Lykken Parking and Trailhead

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Philip Ferranti's books on hiking in Palm Springs, the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas are a must have if you are planning on hiking in the area. also has several other books that will make your hiking adventure a great one, including books on hiking and rock climbing in Joshua Tree National Park.

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